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British Champion on debut

July 6th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

Joe attended the Special Olympics National Powerlifting Championships in Newcastle and despite this being his first 3 lift competition he performed well.  He opened his competition debut with the squat and set a British Record in his second and third lifts, finishing with a a lift of 62.5kg having achieved 9 white lights in the proces9087_10201583993950243_241618404_n[1]s. 

The bench press was next and is the lift Joe has competed in before and so he was much more comfortable as he managed a personal best lift of 67.5kg on his second attempt and was close to lifting 72.5kg on his third attempt but it was just a fraction to much on this occasion.  Again Joe took a British Record in the bench press. 

The deadlift completed the competition and Joe opened with a comfortable 55kg to ensure he managed a total for the competition.  He increased this to 65kg on his 2nd lift but it was a little light and unfortunaltey he stumbled.  Joe didn’t let this affect him and he went out confident for his 3rd lift and lifted a 70kg deadlift. 

This was an impressive start for Joe to his 3 lift competition and he finished with a total of 200kg at a bodyweight of just 58kg.  Joe can now confidently tell everyone that he is the junior champion following this competition.  Joe has the opportunity to attend the World Special Olympic Games which will be held in America in 2015 but he needs to secure funding to be able to finance this trip.

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