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Spartans Dominate British Championships

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Today was the British Championships in Ricoh Arena, Coventry and four lifters from Suffolk Spartans dominated the competition.

The light weight mens group were up first and in this group we had Adam Alderman and Nathaniel Wilding.  Adam performed well with a 3kg increase on his personal best with his second lift of 144kg.  He narrowly missed out on his final lift of 147kg.  Adam was still able to secure a bronze medal on this return to the platform.  Nathaniel also in the light weight mens group dominated from the start and took the gold medal comfortably with a final lift of 172kg.  This performance represented a 5kg personal best increase and a 14kg increase on his performance last year.

In the heavy weight mens group Robert Hubert was there to represent Spartans and despite a rocky start he finished with a personal best of 116kg.

Zoe Newson was equally as dominant as the men today and finished with a lift of 96kg which looked comfortable and was enough to secure the gold medal position along with the best female lifter of the competition.

To demonstrate how impressive these performances really are the lifts performed today are enough to secure Nathaniel a world ranking position of 4, Adam a world ranking position of 5 and Zoe the top position within the world rankings.

Today was a great performance by every one in the club and with Zoe, Adam and Nathaniel all looking to qualify for the World Championships later this year on the road to qualification for Tokyo in 2020 this was a great start and shows the success of the club.

Joe makes his return to 3 lift powerlifting

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Having taken a couple of years away from competition it was great to see him back in action today at the Essex Championships and he coped well with the challenges of the day to pass 6 of his 9 lifts.  Joe finished with a squat of 92.5kg and a bench press, also of 92.5kg.  He finished with a deadlift of 102.5kg despite lifting a 110kg it was simply too much for his injured hand to lock it out fully.

Joe’s total of 287.5kg was impressive given his time away and was enough to secure him 1st place in the junior section of the competition and 2nd place in the open side of the event.  The squat and bench press were both personal best weights in three lift competitions and the deadlift matched his previous best proving this was a successful day.  Following this Joe will now be looking forward to more competitions and training hard to improve further.

Back to back bronze

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Thoughts that Zoe’s performance in London was a fluke or a result of good luck can now be dismissed as she has gone out in Rio and performed well to achieve another bronze medal.

Zoe was the only medallist in Powerlifting when competing in London and came through as an outsider to secure the bronze.  A tough qualification campaign with issues over classification meant she was ranked 6th in thezoe-rio-medal World entering this games and wasn’t tipped to win a medal by anyone outside Suffolk Spartans, who knew how well she was training.

In these games she opened with a lift of 98kg, which was 3kg above her best in the qualification campaign.  Jumping to 102kg on her second lift she made this look comfortable as well and was in second place going into round three of the competition.  The third round saw both Zoe and the Nigerian, Latifat complete their third lifts in similar fashion but the referring, which has been strict, failed Zoe’s lift on a 2 to 1 decision while Latifat’s lift was passed.

This shows just how tight the competition was and the nail biting finish.  This Paralympics saw Zoe add 13kg to the lift that secured her a bronze in London 2012 and is phenomenal in a 4 year cycle which mean she out performed her teammates for progression and demonstrates the effectiveness of the training programs from Suffolk Spartans.  Zoe did attempt a fourth lift of 107.5kg outside of the competition for a world record but despite lifting the weight she couldn’t quite lock it out on the day.  The gold medal was taken by Dandan of China with a lift of 107kg.

All the club along with family and friends watched the excitement together at Inspire Suffolk and were cheering her all the way.  As a club we are so proud as she and Suffolk Spartans is true testament to what can be achieved with the minimum of equipment, dedicated volunteers, hard work and no funding.  Anyone can make it if they find a good sports club.

The medals did keep coming for GB powerlifting in the group following Zoe with British Weightlifting’s Ali Jawad picking up a silver.  Although the competition wasn’t as close, Sherif of Egypt took Gold with a 203kg and new world record, Ali secured the silver with his first and only lift of 190kg, a 5kg increase on his best lift in London 2012, and Quanxi of China lifting 176kg to secure bronze.


A great day for Powerlifting in Great Britain.

Funding for Spartans

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After an application through Suffolk Community Foundation spartans have been successful in securing additional funding through Sport Relief that means we can look at future developments within the club as well as hosting a competition in the new year as a way to celebrate the fact that we will have been running for 10 years.  It won’t cover all the clubs development and competition plans but will go someway and we will now be looking for additional funding to fulfill all the plans and celebrate the success of this club.  Coming just a day after the Rio squad has been named where our very own Zoe Newson will be competing and being a Spartans athlete for the past 9 years we can show how successful this club has been and can continue to be in the future.

Summer in the Rio sun

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Zoe getting Bronze at London 2012

Zoe getting Bronze at London 2012

There was always a question whether Zoe could replicate her success at London 2012 with more silverware in Rio later this year.  However a turbulent time with classification changes during this cycle made Zoe think she wouldn’t be able to enter IPC competitions but throughout all set backs Zoe kept training with Suffolk Spartans and competed for a time in other federations and while she took some time out following declassification but Zoe showed determination over the last few months with a change in classification rules has meant that Zoe was once again eligible for IPC competitions and her recent performance in Malysia was enough to rank her 6th in the world and guarantee her a spot at the Rio games. 

Zoe at Spartans

Zoe at her homecoming event with Suffolk Spartans

Today it has been officially announced by Paralympics GB that Zoe will be travelling to Rio at the end of the Summer in order to compete in the Paralympic Games.  For the next few months Zoe will be training with Suffolk Spartans to make sure that she is able to put in the best performance that she can while out in the sunshine.

Everyone at the club is incredibly proud of Zoe for managing to qualify for a second Paralympic Games and will look forward to supporting her as she trains ahead of this competition and does her best to improve on her bronze medal at London 2012.  As a club we are especially proud as Zoe has been with Suffolk Spartans since she first tried the sport in 2007 and we will be hoping that she can improve on her performance at London with another medal to add to the collection. 


Medal Haul for Zoe

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Well what a day Zoe had out in Hungary having failed her opening lift of 90kg she really put the pressure on herself to come out and do well second time around which she managed well.  A third attempt of 95kg proved just too much on the day but with those around her failing to secure their final lifts this was sufficient to see Zoe add to her medal collection as she secured a silver in the European section of the competition and a bronze in the Open (World) section.

She can now add this to the Gold she won in the World Championships in 2010 and the Bronze at London 2012 Paralympic Games.  This performance now places her 7th in the World Rankings ahead of Rio 2016 and was a confident return to the International arena after the classification issues that have taken place over the last 18 months.

Nathaniel from Spartans will be lifting on 25th and we are hoping for another good performance from him as these two Spartans make up a third of the GB squad that travelled to Hungary this week.

Selected for GB Duty

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Suffolk Spartans is proud to announce that Zoe Newson and Nathaniel Wilding have been selected by British Weightlifting to represent Great Britain at the upcoming IPC European Powerlifting Championships being held in Eger Hungary from 24-28 November this year.  The European Championships is one of the last qualification events for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Commenting on the selection Spartans coach Louise Collins said “We are delighted for both Zoe and Nathaniel to have been selected to represent the country at a major international.  The whole club are behind them and will be watching to see how the lifters perform.”

Help For Heroes

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Today a competition was run at Tedworth House in association with help for heroes and Spartans had two members take part, Chris and Rob.  Both performed well Rob managed a final lift of 105kg which is marking a return to his best while Chris outdid himself at this competition and finished with a PB of 130kg, narrowly missing 135kg on his fourth attempt.  This was sufficient to secure 3rd place by a narrow margin in a fiercely contested group of 11 heavy weight men.  Both will now be looking forward to competing at the British Championships held each year in June at Stoke Mandeville.

British Performances

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Today we saw the same five members of Spartans attend the British Bench Press Championships as previously swept the board back in September 2014.  Zoe was up first and managed a comfortable 90kg before failing 95kg but left taking 1st place in both junior and open categories.  Adam and Joe competed in the second group where Joe attempted a British record of 91kg and fell just short on this occasion finishing the competition with a lift of 82.5kg and a 1st place in the junior competition.  Adam took 1st place in the open competition and a clean sweep of lifts finishing with 147.5kg.

The final group for the Spartans lifters had Riccardo and Ben take on the rest of the country.  Riccardo finished with 110kg and took 1st place in the junior class while Ben finished on 120kg and a 2nd place in his weight class.  A good day was had by all and plenty of trophies returned to the club.

Spartans Competition

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Today the Suffolk Spartans dispensed with our usual fun competition for an altogether more serious affair by holding a GBPF competition. Being held at the Essex University Sports Center this was a definite step up for the club. Considering the short notice on which this was arranged we were able to welcome 14 lifters to the competition and some were new to GBPF many were also juniors which is fantastic for the future of the sport as all performed well on the day. The standard of lifting generally was high as we saw are only equipped lifter of the day Pinda Singh attempt 280kg.

Competition Score Sheet

In true Spartans style we ensured that everyone was able to have a go on the day and so after the formal competition was concluded some of our disabled members along with general audience members came and attempted to lift. It was a great chance for anyone unsure about competing in the GBPF to attempt a lift in front of our newly qualified referees and get some advice.

As a club we have always assessed best lifter with a straight forward % of bodyweight and based on this the best male was Adam Alderman who managed to bench press 150kg which amounted to 292% or nearly 3 times his own bodyweight. The best female lifter went to debutant Zoe Newson who bench pressed a respectable 80kg which was 186% or nearly twice her own bodyweight.

Most improved and best supported lifter has to go to Dan McGauley. We are all really pleased of how well Dan performed at his first competition with lots more to come in the future he has spent a lot of time working on lifting with signals and hopes to be attending the Special Olympic Competitions soon.

Spartans lifters results:

  • Zoe Newson – 80kg raw at 43kg bodyweight still a junior.
  • Joe Strike – 82.5kg raw at under 59kg bodyweight under 18 (just).
  • Dan McGauley – 50kg at under 66kg bodyweight (Special Olympian and making his competition debut).
  • Riccardo Biondi – 107.5kg raw at under 66kg under 20 (just).
  • Ben Cattermole – 115kg raw at under 74kg still a Junior.
  • James Hickey – 82.5kg at under 93kg bodyweight, unlucky not to get his third lift of 90kg due to a foot movement (referee decision was spot on though – sorry James)

We need to say a big thank you to everyone who organised, ran and generally supported the event especially Mike and Sam who loaded which as anyone who has done this role realises it is one of the most tiring.

Attention now turns to the British Finals in September where we hope to have a team of 5 represent Suffolk Spartans (Zoe, Adam, Ben, Riccardo and Joe).  It is hoped that we can bring back from this event not just medals but maybe the odd British Record as well.  We hope to make this an annual GBPF competition so will let you all know much earlier next year if we are able to run another.