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IPF British Junior Champion

October 13th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Events | News | Press Releases

Today saw Joe Strike take part in the IPF British Junior Championships at Horncastle and although the weather proved rather dismal the day was anything but for the club as Joe took part in his first 3 lift National Championships.  158 Lifters took part in this event over the weekend showing the level of competition that exists in the sport at a national level.    1391573_10202294313787795_2098035473_n[2]

Despite being a long wait to get started and then the nervousness of being the first male lifter on the platform Joe performed well.  He squatted 67.5kg, 72.5kg and then 77.5kg never putting a foot wrong and scoring 9 white lights out of nine.  His bench press performance was equally impressive although he narrowly missed his final lift of 75kg he had been successfull with 72.5kg while others around him missed all three attempts and were being retired from the competition this didn’t affect Joe and his focus.  Last up was the deadlift and here Joe showed the improvement he has made with his recent training and lifted 70kg, 75kg and finished with 80kg again he scored perfectly with 9 white lights and his technique was much improved from previous competitions. 

Joe can now claim the title of IPF British Sub Junior Champion in the 59kg class and be assured this is only the start of things to come.

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