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PB’s a plenty

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Today saw several Spartans in action at the East Midlands Bench Press Championships in Colchester.  The first group of the day saw Dan lift a personal best of 60kg, followed by Zoe who finished on 95kg which being 4kg heavier than the current world record is a respectable weight to lift.  The group was finished with Riccardo who having had a late night finished on 110kg which was only 2.5kg down on a PB he set at the British 6 weeks ago and Adam who achieved the 140kg he set out to at the beginning of the day.

The rest of the club were in the 3rd group and here we saw Matt H and James both get all three lifts and both set PB’s with James finishing on a well deserved 90kg Matt fighting to get 112.5kg up but both were passed.

Dan and Riccardo were the only Spartans to miss any lifts today showing there is more to give so it’s back to training and working harder to improve those lifts once again.

Club Meeting

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As a club we have decided that we need to hold a meeting to review the clubs policies and procedures as well as approve new policies and procedures.  We also need to look at the clubs future direction, this is open to all members of the club past and present as well as anyone that feels they can assist direct the clubs future.  The meeting is invitation only and while we are trying to ensure everyone receives an invite but if you haven’t received and would like to attend then please let me know on 07984 452872 or l.pennell3@ntlworld.com.

The meeting will be at East Bergholt on 30th November 2014

A rocky trip to the white cliffs

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Today saw Joe compete at the British Classic Powerlifting Championships in Dover and it was a truely rocky start for the 18 year old as he missed his first two squats due to depth.  Needing his third squat to remain in the competition meant that Joe needed to really focus and make sure nerves and the occasion didn’t ruin his day.  Joe secured a lift of 85kg on his third squat to remainjoe 03.10.14 in the competition and moved onto more confident ground with the bench press where his first two lifts were good and he attempted to increase his British record on the third attempt with 85kg but this was just to much on the day with all that had gone on so he came away with 82.5kg today.  Deadlifts were also much better and he opened with 95kg and increased this to 102.5kg on his second lift.  Having now secured the title of British Sub Junior Champion Joe wanted to attempt a 110kg for his final deadlift but it just wasn’t to be.  Joe’s final total was 270kg and despite such a shaky start this was only 2.5kg down on his personal best which he set in April of this year which shows how well he could have finished had the start gone a little better and this gives Joe the determination to improve at his next competition.