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Anti-Doping Information

As a club Suffolk Spartans is unequivocal in its support for drug free sport.  If coaches at the club become aware that you are taking a prohibited substance and competing we will inform the necessary authorities and request target testing to take place. Any attempt to encourage another member of the club to take a substance that you know to be prohibited will result in you being asked to leave the club and not return.

The use of sports nutrition products is common in all levels of sport.  However, any supplement taken is entirely at the risk of the individual and when selecting supplements you should consider that even if that supplement is considered acceptable to use there is a risk of contamination with other products produced in the same place.  Even with strict controls placed on labs, not all are tested by standards agencies; there is a risk that a product may contain contamination that could result in failed tests.  UK Anti Doping runs the 100% ME campaign that tries to educate the athlete about what it is they want to achieve and how to support that.  We would ask as a club that you didn’t recommend supplements to each other as you may compete in different competitions with different standards of testing within.

Please be aware that recreational drugs, general items and over the counter medicines can all contain items that appear on the prohibited list.  Different competition arenas have different rules over what is allowed or prohibited so please check yourself and never rely on someone else to do this for you or to tell you what is prohibited.

As coaches we will help you locate information when needed or apply for a TUE (therapeutic use exemption) where appropriate but we are not experts in this field and so expect you to check your medication and supplements as needed as the club cannot be held responsible.

Ultimately it is your responsibility as an athlete to consider what you put into your body and you alone are responsible for checking whether something is suitable for you to take.  There are links to several websites below to help you to find information on anti-doping and related subjects.


World Anti-Doping Agency

Provide educational material, the prohibited list and details on TUE’s and should be the first place to look for information.



Global Dro

Allow you to complete drug searches to see if something you are or plan to take is going to give cause for concern. Please be careful when entering information and ensure you look at active ingredients to be sure you are looking at the right product.  They do not check supplements only medication but upon checking you should be given a reference number to confirm you have checked the medication and the result you were given which it would be as well to keep.

http://www.globaldro.comglobal dro


UK Anti-Doping

Again this organisation will provide education and support for those needing to check what they are taking but they also have some information on supplements as well.ukad