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Outstanding Improvement for Joe Strike

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Today took to the platform at the regional Special Olympics Championships in Bradford.  He produced a stella performance once again and received 9 good lifts and finished with a squat of 85kg a bench press of 75kg and a deadlift of 87.5kg.  This gave Joe a total on the day of 247.kg and was a tremendous increase of 17.5kg on his performance at the British Unequipped Championships just a month ago. 

We can see that Joe has been training and working really hard and this is really showing in his performance at competitions and such outstanding increases are really justified and we hope they will continue.

East Midlands Bench Press Championships

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SONY DSC Today we saw a real turnout of new Spartans competitors when Riccardo, Matt and James who were all novices to the sport all took to the lifting platform in order to enter their very first competition.  Riccardo competed in the under 66kg class and as an under 20 year old lifter he was not only able to secure a 1st place making him the East Midlands Champion he also lifted sufficient weight to qualify for the British Finals next year.  Riccardo managed to finish with a lift of 87.5kg and had a tremendous first competition. 

SONY DSCMatt competed in the senior category of the under 93kg and finished in 3rd place with a final lift of 110kg.  James was an under 23 lifter and was in the 105kg class but secured a 1st place and is East Midlands Champion with a final lift of 77.5kg.  All three novice lifters achieved all 3 lifts with a fantastic 9 white lights out of 9 for each lifter.  These three were joined on the platform with Ben who retained his title of East Midlands Champion along with securing an entry to next year’s British Finals by equalling his personal best lift of 105kg. 

In the audience we had Chris, Zoe and Dan cheering on the Spartans and taking a rare opportunity to watch instead of compete.

Professor Newson

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At Ipswich today Zoe Newson was among a select group of people that have excelled in their field.  She was awarded an Hononary Fellowship from University Campus Suffolk in recognition of her achievements in sport and particularly her performance last summer in the London 2012 Paralympic Games where she secured a bronze medal.

The un iversity have been supporting Zoe financially with fundraising events since 2012 and it is fantastic to see Zoe honoured by the community where she tries to give so much back since her tremendous achievement last year at the Paralympic Games

Young Sports Personality

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1393761_10202384624405504_28568175_n[2] Today Joe Strike was recognised for such a tremendous first year in the sport with an award at the annual Tendring Sports Awards. 1393879_10202378038280855_1689573262_n[1]

 Held at the Princes Theatre, Active Tendring recognise and honour a range of   people invovled with sport from athletes to coaches and volunteers and it was a real honour for Joe to receive recognition in this way so early in his Powerlifting career but as a first year in the sport we have all seen him go from strength to strength quite literally.  It is not just his confidence on the platform that has improved but he has also become more active in the club and the experience has really brought him out of his shell.  To give an idea of the progress Joe has been making he has increased his total by 30kg in just three months which is outstanding.  He still continues to improve and is looking forward to the World Special Olympics in 2015.

IPF British Junior Champion

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Today saw Joe Strike take part in the IPF British Junior Championships at Horncastle and although the weather proved rather dismal the day was anything but for the club as Joe took part in his first 3 lift National Championships.  158 Lifters took part in this event over the weekend showing the level of competition that exists in the sport at a national level.    1391573_10202294313787795_2098035473_n[2]

Despite being a long wait to get started and then the nervousness of being the first male lifter on the platform Joe performed well.  He squatted 67.5kg, 72.5kg and then 77.5kg never putting a foot wrong and scoring 9 white lights out of nine.  His bench press performance was equally impressive although he narrowly missed his final lift of 75kg he had been successfull with 72.5kg while others around him missed all three attempts and were being retired from the competition this didn’t affect Joe and his focus.  Last up was the deadlift and here Joe showed the improvement he has made with his recent training and lifted 70kg, 75kg and finished with 80kg again he scored perfectly with 9 white lights and his technique was much improved from previous competitions. 

Joe can now claim the title of IPF British Sub Junior Champion in the 59kg class and be assured this is only the start of things to come.

Spartans Competition

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We will be holding our annual competition this coming Sunday at East Bergholt Sports Centre.  It is a fun competition with relaxed rules and is open to anyone whether they have a disability or not.  We are always keen to see novice lifters attend and it is a great event to try the sport as well as having the chance to chat with others who have competed or ask for advice should you need any. 

It is as always a chacne for the club to raise additional funds and with this in mind we make a charge of £5 to enter the competition.  There will be food and drinks available on the day as well as a raffle or tombola so plenty of ways to help suport this local club.  Doors open for weigh in at 9.30am and we lift once everyone is ready with an aim to finish the event early afternoon.  If you would like any more information contact Louise on 07984 452872.

70, 70, 70

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Today Joe competed again in the East Midlands Masters, Juniors and Novices competition.  He took 011to the stage with the squats and as with his first competition earlier this month he received 9 white lights and finished the squats with 70kg.  This was a 7.5kg increase in just 3 weeks which is a tremendous achievement.

The bench press competition also saw a increase in Joe’s personal best as he finished with another 70kg.  Within the deadlift competition Joe felt the nerves slightly and despite lifting the weight with ease on all three occasions he was only able to secure the final lift due to minor technicalities.  With another 70kg on the deadlift, which equalled his personal best, Joe finished on a total of 210kg and this was sufficient to give Joe the title of East Midlands Junior Champion. 

This performance has meant that Joe has now been offered the chance to compete for the title of British Junior Champion in October where we hope he will perform just as well.

Real Team Success

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The British Finals were held at Stoke Mandeville Stadium today and there were 6 members from Suffolk Spartans competing which is the largest team we have managed to enter. 

The day started well with Zoe Newson achieving a personal best a gold medal and a new British Record with a lift of 92kg.  This secured Zoe as British Champion and based on formula the strongest woman competing in Britain. 

With our next group we had Matt Baker and Nathaniel Wilding both competing in the under 65kg.  While both have competed before they have both taken a break from the sport and only returned to training just over a month ago.  Matt finished in second place with a lift of 63kg but was beaten by Nathaniel who had three successful lifts and secured a new British Record with his final lift of 108kg.  033

After a week of fighting talk the next group saw Chris Rix and Robert Hubert go head to head in the under 88kg class.  Robert was taking part in his second competition and managed an increase of 15kg in his personal best in just 4 months to finish with 105kg.  Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to retain his British Record as Chris managed three successful lifts to secure a personal best of 117kg, first place and also a new British Record pushing Robert into second place. 

The final member of Suffolk Spartans to take to the stage was Tony Woodbridge in the under 107kg class.  In just his second competition he has moved from a third place finish to a second place in this event with a final lift of 140kg. 

With this incredible day the Spartans members have managed to secure 3 second places, 3 first places and 3 new British Records.  All will now be looking to train hard and prepare for the next competition which is likely to be a Spartans held competition in August.

2 for 2

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Ben and Joe 09.03.13Today saw both Ben and Joe compete in the GBPF British Bench Press competition in Northumberland.  A long trip was well worth it in the end as both made personal best perfromances and both secured the title of British Champion in their respective classes. 

Ben competing in the under 74kg class received nothing but white lights from the referrees and finished with a lift of 105kg.  Joe was competing in the under 59kg class and while he was unfortunate to have his 2nd lift disallowed on a 2 to 1 decision he still successfully lifted 65kg which was a personal best. 

Both had worked hard for this competition and it showed as they both secured the British Champion title.

Golden visit to the coast

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 Today was the UK Invitational and this time it involved a trip to the snow tipped coast at Folkestone.  This 

Rob and Zoe at the UK Invitiational 2013

Rob and Zoe at the UK Invitiational 2013

was the first competitive action for Robert who had to play a tactical game making large jumps in his lifts but despite the fac that he only finished with 90kg which was a little below expectation he stayed ahead of competitors and secured 1st place. Not to be outdone by a team mate Zoe managed an impressive 91kg and this was her first competitive action since the Paralympic Games in London and there was definately a few photos taken as she showed of her bronze medal to those that braved the snow to attend the event. 

These performances are new British Senior Records and so now we welcome Rob to the expanding group of record holders at Suffolk Spartans.  Both are now training hard as they prepare for the British Finals in June and will be expecting to improve upon these numbers.