Powerlifting Club

Contact Us

If you would like to contact this club then please do so using the following details:

louise.collins0312@gmail.com  or 07984 452872


While we have received funding from Optua to get the club set up in 2007 and they continue to be proud of what we have achieved we do not receive any regular income of any kind and so have to be entirely self-sufficient.  We would therefore ask that if anyone can offer anything to this club now or in the future in terms of funding, equipment etc. we would ask you to contact us using the details on this page.

Our first concern is always to get the funding to keep the club running in the future but after this we do look to expand the club with a larger venue, equipment and resources and for these members to be successful they will be looking to represent Great Britain abroad and we do not want money to be the obstacle that prevents someone from reaching their potential.