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Gold, Silver and Bronze

May 27th, 2018 | Posted by admin in Events | Future Competitions | News | Press Releases | Uncategorized

Suffolk Spartans have been keenly watching the events of the European Championships, in Northern France, unfurl this week. The competition saw Zoe Newson the first of our lifters up on stage and despite having gone into the competition poorly she was confident and passed all three lifts and finished with 91kg which secured her the gold medal in both the European Championships as well as the Open Competition.

Adam's Bronze medals

Adam’s Bronze medals

The second Spartans lifter up was Adam Alderman who having trained really well up to this competition performed well and again secured all three lifts finishing on 149kg. This was enough to ensure he kept the bronze medal in both the European and Open Championships despite others attempting to take this medal from him. Adam was also chosen to be the flag bearer for GB at the opening ceremony which was a fantastic honour and will have really spurred him on to perform at his absolute best.

Finally we saw Nathaniel Wilding from Suffolk Spartans take to the stage and like the others his performance was outstanding and despite still recovering from his recent trip to the Commonwealth Games he was able to secure a Silver medal with a lift of 165kg in both the European and Open Competitions.

As a club we have to say how proud we are of all three lifters, all three looked incredibly comfortable in their performance and the weight they lifted.  Zoe and Nathaniel have both been with the club since it began 11 years ago and Adam has joined us more recently and we’ve been able to offer another opinion or a different idea once in a while to keep progress coming. As all three look to qualify for Tokyo 2020 in shows that a small club with no funding and run by volunteers can really achieve or overachieve in this case and while 6 medals should be enough for anyone we’ll be hoping for more at the next competitions…….

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