Powerlifting Club

Ben Cattermole

Ben joined the Spartans in the Autumn of 2009 as a quiet lad interested in trying the today 135sport. Already involved in Judo and Football his attention has definitely been turned by Powerlifting. Ben gets involved in the club in every way and is always the first to offer help, keen to enter the sporting industry after university he will do well as he is always keen to learn and understand and this is important and make him a successful athlete along with his hard work and dedication in his training.

Competitive action

Ben first took to the competitive arena in March of 2010 having been training at Spartans for around 6 months. He placed first in the Bench Press with a final lift of 72.5kg but immediately conceded the need to change bodyweight classes. In May a similar story with a first place and another personal best of 75kg meant that Ben could go to the British Unequipped Bench Press in June with confidence and once again he placed first and an additional 2.5kg on his personal best.  This was followed in October with the Anglian Open where Ben managed a final lift of 85kg but lost the top spot to a veteran of the sport with more than 30 years competitive experience. With the bench press competitions well and truly under control Ben then turned his attention to 3 lift competitions and his first was in November and once again he had to compete against all ages, finishing a respectable second place with a total of 350kg (squat 112.5kg, bench 85kg, deadlift 152.5kg) this qualified Ben for the British Junior Finals.

2011 started just as well and Ben went to the British Junior Finals with confidence in February. Despite competing against others that were up to 18 months older and most lifters were equipped while Ben remained unequipped he managed to secure first place with ease in the end. Working hard has pushed Ben’s lifts on and he finished with a total of 382.5kg (squat 137.5kg, bench 87.5kg, deadlift 157.5kg). In July Ben attended the British Unequipped Bench Press Championships and took 1st place in the junior competition and 2nd place in the open category with a final lift of 92.5kg an increase of 15kg on this competition last year. This performance was also enough to secure him the under 18 British Bench Press Record. In August the trip was made up to Newcastle to compete in the British Unequipped Powerlifting Championships. Ben ended the day with an impressive 400kg total (squat 142.5kg, bench 95kg, deadlift 162.5kg) a target he was keen to achieve but he also had his sights set on the British record which is 417.5kg and just proved too much at this time. In October Ben was in action at the All England Championships at Northampton. With Ben now having to compete in the sub junior (under 18’s) as there was no lower age class at this competition a sterling performance was needed and was delivered. A squat of 145kg, bench of 95kg and deadlift of 170kg meant that Ben finished on a 410kg total. This was good enough to secure him first place in his class, in addition he was the best sub junior in both equipped and unequipped competition while he still remained unequipped himself. Based on this performance Ben was asked to represent Great Britain at the Commonwealth Championships that will take place in December 2011 and will really finish his first year of 3 lift powerlifting off in style. But before attending the Commonwealth Championships Ben took a break from competition to be honoured amongst a large number of coaches, volunteers and other athletes at the Suffolk Coastal Sports Awards where he was named as the young sports personality of the year and provided a demonstration of the sport along with Zoe at the Suffolk Sport Awards in Trinity Park.

At the Commonwealth Championships put in an impressive performance and secured 1st place in the squat, bench press, deadlift and overall title with lifts of 150kg, 100kg and 180kg respectively.  He returned to the platform just 2 days later to secure the individual bench press gold medal as well with a lift of 95kg and finishing off an impressive year with a haul of 5 gold medals.  2012 began well with Ben taking the Junior British Championship title in March and then competing in the East Midlands Juniors competition in June where he finished with his highest personal best total of 435kg.  Since this time Ben has focused on bench press competitions and competed and in 2013 he won the East Midlands Bench Press Championships in January, the British Bench in March and the East Midlands again in October.  Ben has finished 2013 with a personal best in the bench press of 110kg.

Ben’s first competitive action in 2014 was at the Spartans very first GBPF divisional bench press championships in July where he secured 1st place with a lift of 115kg.  Next he was on to the British Classic Bench Press Championships in Durham held on 6th September.  Competing in the u74kg class and still a junior he finished with a lift of 117.5kg and once again improved on his personal best.  2015 started well with a trip to Horncastle in February for the British Bench Press Championships where Ben pressed 120kg a new personal best and was second place in the British Championships.  The year finished off well at the British Classic Juniors Championships in October when Ben finished with a squat of 180kg, bench press of 117.5kg and deadlift of 210kg which gave an increase of more than 70kg on previous total.