Powerlifting Club

Dan McGauley

Dan has joined the Spartans at the end of 2013 and is loving every minute of it.  He spends 2 days a week at Butterfly Lodge Farm and 3 days a week at Penny Meadow learning a range of life skills.  Dan is keen on Irish music as well as Zumba classes and plays the drums and guitar.  He is also a keen fencer achieving both grade 1 and 2 in fencing as well as having already achieved his bronze award in the Duke of Edinburgh awards he is now working towards his silver.


Competitive Action

Dan has spent a great deal of time practising signals and ensuring he is ready to enter competitions and his first was the Spartans bench press in July 2014 where he finished with a lift of 50kg and while he attempted 60kg he couldn’t quite manage the technical side of this lift while his strength was more than enough to cope with this.  In October Dan entered the East Midlands Bench Press Championships and was able to open with 50kg and this time came away with a final lift of 60kg.

2015 has started off well with a trip to Dundee in February to the Special Olympic Games where they saw him squat and bench press 65kg and finish with a deadlift of 72.5kg.