Powerlifting Club

Riccardo Biondi

Riccardo joined the club back in late 2009 and then took a break for a while. Upon returning in the spring of 2012 he has taken the training more seriously and has even started competitions.  He is a lively member of the club always sharing a bit of good natured banter especially with Rob and supporting other members of the club.

Competitive Action

In October 2013 Riccardo entered the East Midlands Bench Press Championships, being his first formal competition he was nervous but with support from other Spartans as well as his family Riccardo performed well and finished with a lift of 87.5kg and was able to place first in the u20 year old group in addition to qualifying for the British Bench Press to be held in September 2014. Not to be outdone in Riccardo’s second competition which was April 2014 and again received 9 out of 9 white lights to finish on 97.5kg at the Greater London Championships held at Bethnal Green.  Summer lifting continued with the Spartans competition in July where he increased his personal best to 107.5kg and then in September a final lift of 112.5kg at the British Classic Bench Press not only secured Riccardo a 1st place in the junior class and a 2nd place in the open but it also meant he claimed the u20 year old British record, a record previously held by Ben Cattermole from Spartans.  Riccardo has finished the year with the regional bench press championships and after a late night he managed a respectable 110kg and 1st place before heading home to catch up on sleep.

2015 started well and an early year trip to Horncastle to secure the British Junior Bench Press title was welcome and although he attempted to increase his PB it was just to much on the day and he had to settle for 110kg instead.