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6 Lifters at Stoke Mandeville

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We had a team of 6 from Suffolk Spartans go and support the BWAD competition at Stoke Mandeville.  As always the event was run fantastically and the standard of lifting and officiating impressive.

First up was Zoe who despite feeling under the weather and not having been in front of an IPC referee for sometime now she settled and easily pressed 90kg with plenty more in the tank and a confidence boost ahead of the Europeans next month.

In the mens group we started off with Matt Baker who managed to secure a 95kg lift on his second time of asking and this represents an increase in his personal best of 20kg in a little over a year.  Adam managed to press 142kg on his second attempt and place first in is group.  Up next was Nathaniel who passed all three lifts and achieved a very respectable 147kg ahead of his travels to Hungary next month as well.  The mens group was finished off with Rob who finished with 110kg and was unlucky not to get a PB on his 116kg attempts.

Speaking for the club, coaches Louise and Daniel said ‘It is nice to see such a large team competing from Spartans and we always love going to the BWAD competitions it is always so friendly and supportive there’

‘Two out of three ain’t bad’

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Well it may have been quiet for a while with competitions but this weekend has made up for that.  On Saturday 3rd October we had four members of the Spartans travel up to Stockport for the BWL competition.

Out first in the heavyweight men was Chris and Rob both got two out of three lifts and Chris finished on 130kg which equalled his PB earlier this year while Rob managed a 115kg which represents a 5kg increase on his PB from June of this year.

Zoe lifted in the lightweight women and topped the group with an impressive 95kg and this set a new British Record in the process.  Despite managing this in GBPF comps this is a 3kg increase on her PB when lifting on a Paralympic bench.

Last of the day was Nathaniel who despite a missed second lift because of a referee decision came out to repeat it and secure 145kg second time round.  This could have had serious consequences as it meant Nathaniel didn’t have the luxury of a fourth lift in this competition however it turned out he didn’t need as he secured 3rd place in the lightweight men’s group behind Ali Jawad and Mickey Yule and although Ollie Brown lifted 1kg more with his fourth lift this wasn’t enough to overtake Nathaniel as it was a formula based competition.  This also was a massive 37kg more than his last competition.  Nathaniel is now hoping that this performance and a third place in this selection event will be enough to get him a place at the Europeans later this year.


On 4th October we travelled slightly less far to the East Midlands Bench Press Competition at Hamiltons Gym in Colchester.  He were saw Adam perform as always and secure 1st place with a 142.5kg bench press and then we had relative newcomer to the Spartans Robert Brennan compete in his first competition after just a couple of months with Suffolk Spartans and complete a 130kg.  This will become a new East Midlands Bench Press record so fantastic achievement for a first competition.  Both Adam and Rob failed a lift keeping with the consistency of the others the day before and showing that two out of three ain’t bad but we’ll be in training next week to improve on these performances and next time it’ll be white lights all the way.

Exciting Prospect

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On Sunday 4th October 2 Spartans lifters entered the GBPF Anglian Open Bench Press Championships 2015.  Making his competition debut was Robert Brennan from Ipswich, Rob successfully passed his opening two lifts of 125kg and 130kg and this was enough on the day to see him set a new East Midlands Junior Record in the under 120kg class.  Also representing Suffolk Spartans was Sudbury’s Adam Alderman, who finished with a British Record equalling lift of 142.5kg securing first place in the men’s under 59kg category.

Commenting on the days lifting Spartans Coach Daniel Collins said “Both Rob and Adam lifted well today and we are proud of what they have both achieved.  Special congratulations must go to Rob who broke the East Midlands Divisional record in his first ever competition, and we are excited by the prospect of watching him improve from here.”

BWL Autumn Open Para Powerlifting

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On 3rd October 2015 a 4 strong team of Suffolk Spartans travelled to Stockport to Contest the British Weightlifting Autumn Open Para-Powerlifting Championships.  Up first in the mens heavyweight group were Rob Hubert and Chris Rix.  Rob finished with a personal best lift of 115kg, just failing 118kg on this occasion and placing 6th.  Chris also passed two of his 3 lifts and finished with a 130kg attempt which was good enough to see him finish in 5th place ahead of Rob today.

Up next in the womens lightweight group was Zoe Newson competing in a BWL sanctioned competition for the first time since 2013.  Zoe finished with a 95kg lift at under 45kg bodyweight which set a new BWL British Record on the day.  Zoe also won the womens lightweight competition on AH formula.

In the last and most highly contested group of the day was Nathaniel Wilding, Nathaniel finished with a 145kg 25kg competition personal best lift which was enough for him to place a very respectable 3rd on the day due behind reigning World Champion Ali Jawad in first place and Invicticus Games champion Micky Yule in second place.

Help For Heroes

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Today a competition was run at Tedworth House in association with help for heroes and Spartans had two members take part, Chris and Rob.  Both performed well Rob managed a final lift of 105kg which is marking a return to his best while Chris outdid himself at this competition and finished with a PB of 130kg, narrowly missing 135kg on his fourth attempt.  This was sufficient to secure 3rd place by a narrow margin in a fiercely contested group of 11 heavy weight men.  Both will now be looking forward to competing at the British Championships held each year in June at Stoke Mandeville.

North of the border

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Dan took himself north of the border and competed in Dundee’s Special Olympic Games and in just his second competition he demonstrated his hard work and attention to the rules and commands and came away with a squat of 65kg a bench press of 65kg and a deadlift of 72.5kg.  There is still much more within Dan’s capability but while he is developing technique and confidence in competition this is a significant improvement in a short time and he’ll continue to progress in the coming months.

British Performances

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Today we saw the same five members of Spartans attend the British Bench Press Championships as previously swept the board back in September 2014.  Zoe was up first and managed a comfortable 90kg before failing 95kg but left taking 1st place in both junior and open categories.  Adam and Joe competed in the second group where Joe attempted a British record of 91kg and fell just short on this occasion finishing the competition with a lift of 82.5kg and a 1st place in the junior competition.  Adam took 1st place in the open competition and a clean sweep of lifts finishing with 147.5kg.

The final group for the Spartans lifters had Riccardo and Ben take on the rest of the country.  Riccardo finished with 110kg and took 1st place in the junior class while Ben finished on 120kg and a 2nd place in his weight class.  A good day was had by all and plenty of trophies returned to the club.

Awards keep coming for Joe

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Today saw Joe Strike collect the Tendring male sports personality award at a ceremony held in Clacton.  He was the runner up last year and with his continued improvement and success in competition managed to go one better this year.  It is a testament to how hard Joe has worked over the last year to improve on his lifting while also maintaining his bodyweight which has at times been a struggle.  This had followed a tremendous weekend at the Rotary Club Championships where Joe performed well as was awarded the most improved male athlete award based on his performance from last year to this.

Joe is now hoping to set his sights on taking his competitions to the International level assuming he can get selected and raise the funds needed to attend.  Such a new goal will certainly keep Joe motivated on those cold winter evenings in the gym.

PB’s a plenty

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Today saw several Spartans in action at the East Midlands Bench Press Championships in Colchester.  The first group of the day saw Dan lift a personal best of 60kg, followed by Zoe who finished on 95kg which being 4kg heavier than the current world record is a respectable weight to lift.  The group was finished with Riccardo who having had a late night finished on 110kg which was only 2.5kg down on a PB he set at the British 6 weeks ago and Adam who achieved the 140kg he set out to at the beginning of the day.

The rest of the club were in the 3rd group and here we saw Matt H and James both get all three lifts and both set PB’s with James finishing on a well deserved 90kg Matt fighting to get 112.5kg up but both were passed.

Dan and Riccardo were the only Spartans to miss any lifts today showing there is more to give so it’s back to training and working harder to improve those lifts once again.

Club Meeting

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As a club we have decided that we need to hold a meeting to review the clubs policies and procedures as well as approve new policies and procedures.  We also need to look at the clubs future direction, this is open to all members of the club past and present as well as anyone that feels they can assist direct the clubs future.  The meeting is invitation only and while we are trying to ensure everyone receives an invite but if you haven’t received and would like to attend then please let me know on 07984 452872 or l.pennell3@ntlworld.com.

The meeting will be at East Bergholt on 30th November 2014