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Gold, Silver and Bronze

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Suffolk Spartans have been keenly watching the events of the European Championships, in Northern France, unfurl this week. The competition saw Zoe Newson the first of our lifters up on stage and despite having gone into the competition poorly she was confident and passed all three lifts and finished with 91kg which secured her the gold medal in both the European Championships as well as the Open Competition.

Adam's Bronze medals

Adam’s Bronze medals

The second Spartans lifter up was Adam Alderman who having trained really well up to this competition performed well and again secured all three lifts finishing on 149kg. This was enough to ensure he kept the bronze medal in both the European and Open Championships despite others attempting to take this medal from him. Adam was also chosen to be the flag bearer for GB at the opening ceremony which was a fantastic honour and will have really spurred him on to perform at his absolute best.

Finally we saw Nathaniel Wilding from Suffolk Spartans take to the stage and like the others his performance was outstanding and despite still recovering from his recent trip to the Commonwealth Games he was able to secure a Silver medal with a lift of 165kg in both the European and Open Competitions.

As a club we have to say how proud we are of all three lifters, all three looked incredibly comfortable in their performance and the weight they lifted.  Zoe and Nathaniel have both been with the club since it began 11 years ago and Adam has joined us more recently and we’ve been able to offer another opinion or a different idea once in a while to keep progress coming. As all three look to qualify for Tokyo 2020 in shows that a small club with no funding and run by volunteers can really achieve or overachieve in this case and while 6 medals should be enough for anyone we’ll be hoping for more at the next competitions…….

Gold for Adam

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Great performance by Adam yesterday when he competed in the spring open. 

A masterclass in lifting with nine white lights and faultless performance Adam secured the gold medal and finished with a lift of 145kg. Zoe was even there to cheer him on in poster form at least.

Can you support us??

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We are calling on everyone to spare our club just a minute of your time in an online vote that will see us one successful club scoop £200,000 and will be a major investment and for us we would look at trying to arrange a bigger venue, 10639385_10204796474180241_1851334144294182161_ncomplete with additional equipment so that we could offer the very best to all our athletes.  Currently we have one bench press along with a small home style squat rack and very little space and last week we had 11 turn up to train.  Anyone can see this isn’t sustainable and we have had some huge success over the 11 years we have now been running.

We have made it to the national vote of the Persimmon Homes Healthy Communities award where as well as the top prize there will be

Spartans Club hosting Paralympic Flame 25.08.12

donations for all clubs and two clubs will secure the runners up awards.  Coming through from the 5000 nominations we have made it through to the final 30 shortlisted but now we are up against schools and team sports clubs where there is a much bigger membership so we really need your support and you can vote for us every day so please just spare us one minute of your time as it will make such a difference.



Zoe and Nathaniel head down under for Commonwealth Games

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It has been announced this week that both Zoe Newson and Nathaniel Wilding have both been selected to represent England in the Gold Coast in April.  Spartans are especially pleased as this accounts for a third of the team which is phenomenal and demonstrates the success of this club.

A small snippet was seen on BBC but you can view the full media video below as it was reduced last minute and shows three Suffolk athletes that are all heading down under!!

We have a couple of months to complete training and get these guys as ready as possible so that they can perform at their very best and plans for this are very much underway at the moment.  We are expecting both to be lifting on 10th April but will update nearer the time when we know how people can watch what will be an exciting competition.

In the Commonwealth Games athletes compete in light and heavyweight classes rather than normal weight classes and a formula is used to compare weights on the bar with an athletes bodyweight to determine the final three places which does mean there are only six medals up for grabs for the men and another six for the women.

Nathaniel in his first world championships

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In the early hours of the morning we’ve stirred to watch Nathaniel compete in his first World Championships and weren’t disappointed by his performance.  Despite having food poisoning and nearly withdrawing from the competition completely he came out on to the biggest competition stage so far and secured two out of the three lifts.

With other athletes getting red lights all around him Nathaniel was confident in his first two lifts and finished with a lift of 170kg and an impressive 6 white lights.  His third lift was simply a fraction heavy on the day, more a result of the illness than his training performance before he left for the competition.

Close run contest at the World Championships in Mexico

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Competing in the World Para Powerlifting Championships in Mexico today Zoe Newson had to hold off challenges from ladies from Nigeria, Indonesia and Poland in order to come away with the Bronze medal.  The u45kg class started with a number of failed lifts and finished the same way as all 3 ladies attempted but failed to lift 98kg.  This left Zoe with the bronze medal after a successful lift of 97kg.

The class was won by Lingling of China as she set a new world record of 110kg and second place went to Nazmiye of Turkey.  With four Paralympic Medallists in the one class this was always going to be a tough challenge but won were Zoe was able to hold her nerve and come away with the bronze medal.

When Zoe last competed in a World Championships back in 2010 she finished with a 4th place in the Senior competition but did manage a gold medal in the junior event.

Tomorrow will see Spartans team mate Nathaniel compete

Funding for equipment 

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As a club we are looking for additional funds and tomorrow sees the start of voting on the Aviva community fund and we need your votes.

Please can you spare two minutes to register and vote for us by using the following link. 


Bronze is the colour

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Today at Stockport we had three members of the club compete in the Autumn Open with great success.  With the World Championships being rescheduled for just 8 weeks away in Mexico Nathaniel and Zoe decided to remain at home and prepare fully for this instead.  IMG_5823

First on stage was a very nervous Polly who held her nerve to secure all three lifts of 52kg, 57kg and 60kg and managed a bronze medal across all the heavyweight women which was phenomenal for her first BWL competition and nine white lights showed she has more to give.

Adam followed in the light weight mens class and also secured a bronze medal although was very close to securing that silver.  He performed well with lifts of 140kg, 145kg and 148kg and this was a 4kg IMG_5817increase on his personal best set in July.

Final lifter for the club was Rob who started well with 110kg and 115kg but on attempting his final lift of 120kg found it was just too much for today.

We are so proud of all the members of the club and all gave a professional and polished performance.


Spartans Dominate British Championships

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Today was the British Championships in Ricoh Arena, Coventry and four lifters from Suffolk Spartans dominated the competition.

The light weight mens group were up first and in this group we had Adam Alderman and Nathaniel Wilding.  Adam performed well with a 3kg increase on his personal best with his second lift of 144kg.  He narrowly missed out on his final lift of 147kg.  Adam was still able to secure a bronze medal on this return to the platform.  Nathaniel also in the light weight mens group dominated from the start and took the gold medal comfortably with a final lift of 172kg.  This performance represented a 5kg personal best increase and a 14kg increase on his performance last year.

In the heavy weight mens group Robert Hubert was there to represent Spartans and despite a rocky start he finished with a personal best of 116kg.

Zoe Newson was equally as dominant as the men today and finished with a lift of 96kg which looked comfortable and was enough to secure the gold medal position along with the best female lifter of the competition.

To demonstrate how impressive these performances really are the lifts performed today are enough to secure Nathaniel a world ranking position of 4, Adam a world ranking position of 5 and Zoe the top position within the world rankings.

Today was a great performance by every one in the club and with Zoe, Adam and Nathaniel all looking to qualify for the World Championships later this year on the road to qualification for Tokyo in 2020 this was a great start and shows the success of the club.

Joe makes his return to 3 lift powerlifting

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Having taken a couple of years away from competition it was great to see him back in action today at the Essex Championships and he coped well with the challenges of the day to pass 6 of his 9 lifts.  Joe finished with a squat of 92.5kg and a bench press, also of 92.5kg.  He finished with a deadlift of 102.5kg despite lifting a 110kg it was simply too much for his injured hand to lock it out fully.

Joe’s total of 287.5kg was impressive given his time away and was enough to secure him 1st place in the junior section of the competition and 2nd place in the open side of the event.  The squat and bench press were both personal best weights in three lift competitions and the deadlift matched his previous best proving this was a successful day.  Following this Joe will now be looking forward to more competitions and training hard to improve further.